Our Designers

Miss P. and her consultants head to Chicago for bridal market twice a year. They get to know the designers of the gowns we carry and keep up with the latest trends in the bridal world. We post our newly arrived gowns on Pinterest, and feature some on our Facebook page.

We can’t carry every dress by our designers, but Miss P. is meticulous about searching out the perfect styles for our brides.  Yes.  You can wear a mermaid silhouette if it’s the right one.  Go to our Designer’s websites to see their full collections.

Our designers include:


Our Bonny gowns are miraculous in their fit for curvy brides.  They are amazing in their understanding of how a gown fits a bride and have endless styles for the plus-size bride in their Unforgettable collection.  Scott, the son of the founders and a fabulous designer, and very receptive to new ideas. We love Scott and his crew.


We love that Casablanca doesn’t discontinue dresses. They have also made a reputation for making any changes possible on a gown.  Want sleeves? Done. Want the top of one dress and the bottom of another?  Done. More beading?  Done. Custom measurements?  Done.   Casablanca gowns are elegant and timeless.


Miss P. placed her first order for these gowns at bridal market in March, 2016.  The new arrivals will get here in early fall. This line will be moderately priced.


We met Anna and Ben by accident at a restaurant in Chicago the night before we met them on the floor of the bridal market, and we’ve been mutually admiring each other ever since.  Their collections are simply elegant, with architectural lines and fashion forward designs.  They will add custom elements and have gone up a size because we asked for it.


Venus has a tradition of many different styles of gowns which are good for the budget-conscious bride.  We love the variety of fabrics and silhouettes, especially in their Venus Woman collection.