We always recommend appointments, which are two hours in length. Saturdays are by appointment only; we will accommodate walk-ins if possible but appointments have priority.

Weekdays are good for appointments because we can generally give you more time.  Weekday appointments are also when we schedule brides who want to bring a group of more than three people.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know. If you found a dress, you have to work, etc., it’s all fine.  Life happens. Just give us a call.

Please limit your party to three people besides yourself.  If you want to bring more, let us know and we will schedule your appointment when we have room to accommodate everyone. This can sometimes even be done on a Saturday, but only if we know in advance.

Please, no children.  The salon is not child-proof and it’s not fair to ask kids to sit quietly when there are so many shiny things to see.